Finding the best grass variety

From Queensland to Melbourne via Sydney and Canberra there isn’t really a perfect grass variety, but HAL (Horticulture Australia Limited) with the help from some research carried out in WA, set out to find which variety was the best for the area.


Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn Now DNA Certified


How do you know It’s Genuine Sir Walter Buffalo grass?

In late 2015, Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) commenced an extensive DNA testing process with our members to further ensure that the Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn that is produced and sold by LSA members is the genuine, high quality turf product which Australians know and trust.


How do I know I’m getting the best turf?

Lawn Solutions Australia has launched an industry-first accreditation process, setting a new standard for best practice in the Australian turf industry.

This accreditation system ensures that you are getting the best turf, from the best turf producers in Australia. Lawn Solutions Australia uses nationally endorsed standards. Their turf producers are subject to continuous review and improvement, and all LSA turf producers are reviewed continuously.

The Lawn Solutions Australia group was formally launched at the 2014 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. The hand-picked group comprises of 41 of Australia’s best turf suppliers, all existing Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn growers who will market a uniformly branded range of turf products and after-sales, value-add services.The Lawn Solutions Australia ‘house of brands’ includes Sir Walter soft-leaf buffalo grass; Eureka Kikuyu; Nullarbor Couch; Platinum Zoysia; and RTF Fescue.

LSA is also committed to researching and introducing new varieties under its brand hierarchy, having entered into exclusive arrangements with the world’s leading turf breeders and research facilities, including Texas A&M University and the University of Georgia in the United States.

So, for peace of mind that you are getting the best turf available, check out the Lawn Solutions Australia website to find your nearest outlet.


Lawn Varieties

Lawn VarietiesThere are many different lawn varieties and cultivars.

Naturally, how your lawn performs depends on many factors. For example in the case of winter colour with Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo varieties, the colder the region the more prone to colour loss the lawn will be, but this is a perfectly natural characteristic only lasting for a short period before you’re back in the green.


How your pets affect your lawn

Pets and LawnSome lawn varieties might look great but can they handle the action from some family pets? Wear and tear, digging, urine burn and faeces are common problems, and sensitive lawns just can’t handle it, especially with large dogs. READ MORE:

Sir Walter – The Shade Tolerant Grass Variety

Sir Walter - The Shade Tolerant Lawn VarietyWith our different lifestyles and landscapes comes variance in shade levels that your lawn has never seen before – decks, sail shades, even the architectural design of your home has an impact on how much sun your lawn receives. While there is yet to be a grass variety that will grow in complete shade, Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo turf adapts to shady areas better than any other warm season soft lawn turf that we at Sir Walter have trialed.


A lawn that repairs itself when damaged or abused!

Sir Walter's self repairing qualitiesSir Walter turf has been specifically cultivated for the unique but tough Australian environment and climate. This hardy lawn variety has been developed to be drought tolerant and self repairing, which means any patches of discolouration or poor growth will re-establish on their own.


Embrace your lawn!

Don’t surrender your   backyard to decks, pavers, and concrete - put down a lawn and bring a bit of the countryside back to the family home...In recent years some landscapers and DIY shows have turned their back on the humble Aussie lawn. They’ve ditched the turf in favour of concrete and pavers, with just a few plants supplying the only hint of green. The idea that we can turn our back yards into an outside room has lead to the installation of decks and hard surface areas. And while these often look great, there are some sizeable drawbacks associated with them, that don’t seem to get mentioned on those TV shows.


Loving your Lawn – Australian Lawn Care Book

Loving your Lawn - Nigel Ruck's Lawn Care BookLoving your lawn, your guide to the perfect Aussie Lawn is a unique lawn care guide written by Nigel Ruck. This 126 page lawn care guide is packed full of interesting and useful articles and DIY guides to help you achieve the perfect lawn.