Waterwise Facts

waterwise facts and informationYour local water authority may be offering rebates on rainwater tanks.

We’ve collected together a list of resources from right across Australia – have a look and see if you can get a rebate in your area.

You might also like to consider using greywater, increasing the value you get from the water you are already using. READ MORE:

Get rid of those lawn weeds – broad leaf spray

Broad Leaf SprayWinter is an excellent time to focus on getting any invaders under control whether they are weeds or pests. In the cooler months of June and July, warm season turf like Sir Walter fall into a dormant state, while broad leaf weeds continue to grow and become more obvious. This means that it is the perfect time to nip them in the bud (so to speak) by taking some serious action. By taking care of these pesky tasks now, you will have a greener lawn that will be ready to spring back into full health as soon as the warmer months hit.


Lawn Varieties

Lawn VarietiesThere are many different lawn varieties and cultivars.

Naturally, how your lawn performs depends on many factors. For example in the case of winter colour with Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo varieties, the colder the region the more prone to colour loss the lawn will be, but this is a perfectly natural characteristic only lasting for a short period before you’re back in the green.


Sir Walter Derivatives (video)

Sir Walter Derivatives

Sir Walter enjoys the title of Australia’s most successful ever Premium Lawn grass and it has achieved this quite simply by being the best Aussie all round lawn grass Australia wide.It is so successful that even the Americans and many other breeders claim to have breed from it.

With success comes substitutes

Of course with success comes substitutes trying to ride on the back of this unique success, there are many wild claims out there by other varieties such as son of, breed from, just like etc. But let us assure you there is only one genuine Sir Walter, so assist on it by name.  Homes in time will get shade and there is no other variety that will grow as well in full sun and part shade.

With over 35 million square metres sold in over 200,000 homes Australia wide,
they all know there is only one Sir Walter and that is the best gear.

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Lawns and Extreme Heat (video)

Lawns and Extreme Heat

No matter where you live in Australia, periods of extreme heat may occur but remember Sir Walter is one of the most heat tolerant grasses out there. But if extreme heat does come around you need to make a decision.  Do I let my lawn brown off and wait for normal conditions to return and for the lawn to bounce back, because it will do that.  Or do I water my lawn to keep it looking good. If you do decide to water, water with one deep watering at the first signs of stress then don’t water again until the lawn starts to wilt.  If you are on pure sands this will be more frequent than if you are on a heavier soil.

Encourage deep root systems

Remember that frequent light watering is bad news because this encourages shallow root systems.  What you want to be doing is less frequent deeper soakings because they encourage deep root systems.  This will give your lawn the legs and strength to get through the hot periods. Also if you use Sir Launcher when you put your lawn down this will help because it has the moisture magnets that will give your lawn more strength and more moisture for hot periods. A light top dressing is a good idea also because this will act a bit like a mulch and lock in that valuable moisture.

Lawn Care Products (video)


Here at our Lawn Care Products Online Shop we have everything you need to keep your Sir Walter lawn looking absolutely fantastic, everything is covered including weed control, pest control and fertilisers. You can even get yourself a Sir Walter cap and one of our favourites the Sir Walter stubby cooler.

Go to the Lawnstore to buy your lawn care products

Sir Walter Lawn Conversion TV Advert

Sir Walter Lawn Conversion TV Advert

Terrified of your Lawn? Sir Walter Lawn Conversions are declaring war on tired old lawns.
Forget any lengthy expensive offensive, we start by using the existing base to minimise costly soil, machinery and cartage. Then our specialist lawn conversion tactics and equipment take care of it all from start to finish.

It’s quick clean and easy to convert your lawn into Australia’s favourite lawn.

Convert your lawn with Sir Walter today!



Sir Walter TV Commercial – Big Landscaping Feature

Sir Walter TV Commercial – Big Landscaping Feature

If you’re after a big landscaping feature, there’s several options available to you.

But the biggest improvement you can make to your home is to stick a buffalo in your yard!

Not just any buffalo, Australia’s biggest buffalo – Sir Walter.

Install a new Sir Walter lawn, like 300,000 other Aussie’s have and we’ll throw in Australia’s definitive guide to lawn care FREE!

Sir Walter, Australia’s number one buffalo lawn!

Sir Walter TV Commercial – Australia’s no.1 Buffalo Lawn

Sir Walter TV Commercial.
Australia’s number one buffalo lawn

Alright, now Australia’s known for some pretty big things,
and we should celebrate our love of all things large.
Now I’m not suggesting you should put one in every backyard,
but there is one that may suit… Australia’s biggest buffalo!

Yep, with over 35 million metres throughout Australia,
this is Australia’s biggest buffalo!

Sir Walter, Australia’s no. 1 buffalo lawn…

Sir Walter TV Commercial – Australia’s Biggest Buffalo

Sir Walter TV Commercial – Australia’s Biggest Buffalo

G’day! Now tell me, do you love things large?
I’m not just talking big, I’m talking the BIGGEST!

Like Australia’s biggest buffalo!

Sir Walter, Australia’s number one buffalo lawn!