Embrace your lawn!

Don’t surrender your   backyard to decks, pavers, and concrete - put down a lawn and bring a bit of the countryside back to the family home...In recent years some landscapers and DIY shows have turned their back on the humble Aussie lawn. They’ve ditched the turf in favour of concrete and pavers, with just a few plants supplying the only hint of green. The idea that we can turn our back yards into an outside room has lead to the installation of decks and hard surface areas. And while these often look great, there are some sizeable drawbacks associated with them, that don’t seem to get mentioned on those TV shows.


Synthetic Turf

If you have a spot where grass just won’t grow is synthetic turf the answer?

Although natural grass is always our recommendation for any lawn, there are places that frankly are too much in the dark or do not have access to water to successfully grow the real thing.