Lawn Care Videos

Love your Lawn's lawn care videos cover all lawn and turf topics from fertilising, watering and mowing to preparing your soil for a new lawn installation. There are also videos about how to use the lawn care products that you can buy from our Lawnstore, as well as the latest Sir Walter TV adverts. Love your Lawn is your one-stop shop for all your lawn care advice.

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Installing your new lawn

Preparing for your new lawn

What is Sir Walter DNA Certified?

Sir Walter DNA Certified – Full Commercial

Lawn Grubs

The Benefits of ColourGuard

ColourGuard Time Lapse

Who are Lawn Solutions Australia?

Seed v’s Turf

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn

How to fertilise your lawn / lawn mowing & feeding (Video)

Launch your lawn / Lawn Installation (video)

Mowing tips / Lawn mowing and feeding (video)

Sir Walter Environmental Benefits (video)

Sir Walter Derivatives (video)

Lawns and Extreme Heat (video)

Lawn Care Products (video)

How to feed your lawn (video)

Controlling lawn weeds (video)

Common Lawn Problems (video)

Winter Lawn Problems (video)

Controlling invasive grasses (video)

Lawn Aeration – What is soil compaction? (video)

Army Worm Eradication (video)

When to fertilise your lawn (video)

Preparation for a new lawn (video)

Sir Walter Spare Change Garden Created by Jason Hodges (video)

Jason Hodges Introduces the Sir Walter Spare Change Garden (video)

Lawn Lovers Lawn Rescue (video)

Lawn Lovers Lawn Soaker (video)

Laying new turf / Lawn Installation (video)

Living with sun & shade (video)

Lime & Gypsum (video)

Loving Your Lawn – Your Guide to the Perfect Aussie Lawn (video)

Measuring your lawn area / Lawn Installation (video)

The Importance of Soil pH for Your Lawn (video)

Real vs Synthetic Lawns (video)

Scarifying your lawn – Correcting thatch in your Sir Walter Lawn (video)

Can I grow Sir Walter from seed? (video)

How to stop your Sir Walter Lawn going to seed (video)

Launch your Lawn – Introducing Sir Launcher (video)

Invest in Sir Walter (video)

Shady Solution with Tim Shaw (video)

Ultimate Starter Fertiliser with Tim Shaw (video)

Top Dressing (video)

Watering tips for your lawn / Lawns tips & watering (video)

Sir Walter a Lawn You’ll Love – 1 x 30 + 2 x 15 second TV Ads

The Making of the Sir Walter TV Commercial

Sir Walter, A Lawn you’ll Love – 30 second advert

Sir Walter Time Lapse

A Lawn you’ll love – 60 second TV commercial

Sir Walter Lawn Conversion – Time Lapse

Sir Walter Lawn Conversion

Sir Walter Lawn Conversion TV Advert

Sir Walter TV Commercial – Big Landscaping Feature 2

Sir Walter TV Commercial – Big Landscaping Feature

Sir Walter TV Commercial – Australia’s no.1 Buffalo Lawn

´╗┐Sir Walter TV Commercial – Australia’s Biggest Buffalo

Lawn Fruits

Lawn Rocks

Lawn Kransky

Lawn Furball

Lawn Spike

The Real Turf

Stump Removal