Sir Walter – The Shade Tolerant Grass Variety

Sir Walter - The Shade Tolerant Lawn VarietyWith our different lifestyles and landscapes comes variance in shade levels that your lawn has never seen before – decks, sail shades, even the architectural design of your home has an impact on how much sun your lawn receives. While there is yet to be a grass variety that will grow in complete shade, Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo turf adapts to shady areas better than any other warm season soft lawn turf that we at Sir Walter have trialed.

In newly planted young gardens you may initially have plenty of sun, but as your garden matures more shade is inevitable. A shade tolerant lawn will work best in the long-term.

The average garden tends to get some combination of full sun and shade throughout the day and in winter, when the sun is lower, shade is unavoidable. Add to this new additions to your house or next door neighbours and you can get even more shade in your yard. Sir Walter copes in the shadiest conditions and can survive where other lawns will struggle or die.

To find out more about how Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo
will cope in your area, simply contact your local Sir Walter supplier.

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