How your pets affect your lawn

Pets and LawnSome lawn varieties might look great but can they handle the action from some family pets? Wear and tear, digging, urine burn and faeces are common problems, and sensitive lawns just can’t handle it, especially with large dogs.So choosing a pet friendly and tolerant variety will make life easy for all concerned. Just like humans, some pets may to sensitive to allergies so choosing a low-allergenic variety is the go.

Dogs can be rough on lawns. They dig holes, cause urine burns, and tear around wildly on the lawn. Sir Walter premium lawn turf is the perfect answer for pet owners who need a turf that can stand up to whatever the family dog — or dogs — can dish out.

Sir Walter turf is self-repairing, so the holes in the lawn that your pup digs (whether he does it because he is burying bones, bored, or simply trying to make you scream) will quickly be covered by luscious grass again.


Dog Rocks can be purchased from

If you are having problems with urine and burnt patches in the lawn then you might want to try dog rocks. Putting Dog Rocks® into your dog’s water bowl may be the answer for preventing any more urine stains from affecting your lawn. They can be bought from the main Sir Walter website, and work by reducing the nitrate level in the water that is ingested by your dog. They will stop any new yellow spots from appearing, and are perfectly pet friendly. The burns already existing will come good on their own within about five weeks.

Finally, Sir Walter turf has a high tolerance for heavy traffic. Despite the soft feel of its leaves, this is a tough soft leaf buffalo grass that can deal with heavy traffic, including the family pets. Various deterrents can be purchased to discourage unwanted animals. It’s one thing to try and train your pet and teach it some manners; but a neighbourhood cat or dog can be a real pest and should be dealt with accordingly whilst not actually harming the animal of course!

When fertilising or using pesticides, keep your pets inside and off the lawn for a while until the danger has passed. Check the product safety recommendations to ensure that no tragic accidents occur.


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