Has Your Lawn got Lawn Grubs or Army Worms?

army worms are usually active after a prolonged wet periodArmy worm or sod web worm can be really bad news and can attack all sorts of lawns right across Australia. Sadly their favourite lawn is a healthy one.

If you notice a patch of lawn that is slightly shorter or thinner or that looks like it might have been recently mown (but you know it hasn’t) you could have army worm.

What are lawn grubs?

Lawn grubs are leaf eating caterpillars, the larvae of an adult moth. Lawn Grub is a collective term that describe Army Worms, Sod Web-worm and Cutworms. All of these lawn grubs cause similar issues on your otherwise healthy lawn.

The worms themselves can be green, brownish green or black in appearance and sometimes even have a striped appearance. They hatch after 5 to 7 days and that’s when the major damage to your lawn is done.

If you notice brown and straw like patches in your lawn or the leaves on your lawn’s grass runners are disappearing, then you may well have a lawn grub infestation. If the grass is loose and you can easily pull it away from the roots it’s invariably grub damage.

Often you don’t see the caterpillars as they feed at night, however you may notice moths and wasp type insects flying over your lawn which is often an indication of a lawn grub problem. Lawn Grubs are a seasonal issue and, unfortunately, they can effect your lawn several times during each summer and Autumn Season.

How do I get rid of Lawn Grubs / Army Worms

To get rid of lawn grubs and other lawn pests – such as beetles, slaters, mole crickets and earwigs – you need to use a broad spectrum insecticide such as Sir Walter Pest Control or Lawn Lovers Grub Guard. Grub Guard is the only product currently on the market that can be used as a preventative treatment against lawn grubs. Containing the active ingredient Esfenvelerate (a broad-spectrum insecticide toxic to most insects, but less toxic to birds, and of minimal toxicity to mammals) it’s safer to use than any other pest control product. In addition it also prevents some damage to your foliage as it can be applied when the moths appear, prior to the actual attack.

Do be warned though, eradicating lawn grubs does not mean that they will not return. If you still have healthy lush patches of lawn, you are still at risk from lawn grubs & need to keep your eye out for further attacks. To restore your lawn prior to winter, it is best to fertilise with ‘Sir Walter’ Premium Lawn Fertiliser to promote new leaf growth.

The Grub Guard, Sir Walter Pest Control & Sir Walter Fertiliser are available from The Lawnstore.

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 More information about Army Worms / Lawn Grubs

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Eradicate Lawn Grubs / Army Worms from your neighbourhood lawnsLawn Army Worms are Destroying Lawns in your street

Download this printable flyer and keep lawn grubs from attacking lawns in your street

This flyer has been created to help you inform your neighbours if you suspect “Lawn Army Worms”, “Cutworms” or “Sod Web Worms” are active in your street. Click on the link below the picture to download the flyer (40KB PDF), then simply print off the copies you need and distribute in your neighbours letterboxes.


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