Winter colour in your Sir Walter lawn

Winter colour in your Sir Walter lawnMaintain your healthy looking green lawn with Sir Walter this winter. Part of the philosophy, and indeed the name behind Sir Walter, comes from its ability to maintain its strength of colour and coverage throughout winter.

A Winter Active Low Thatch Environmentally Responsible turf … that’s
W-A-L-T-E-R, and what a Sir it is!

If you’re wanting to avoid the purple tinge that many buffalo grass varieties have during the cooler months, choose Sir Walter. Specifically bred to maintain its colour during the frostier times of the year, Sir Walter stays picture perfect longer.

If you do have a Sir Walter lawn in a cooler climate, it can go dormant during winter and lose a bit of colour – don’t worry as soon as spring comes and the nights get warmer it’ll soon be back to its former glory.

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Keep up an active fertilising regime to keep your lawn looking greener for longer.

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