When should I fertilise my lawn?

When should I fertilise my Sir Walter LawnLike anything else organic, your Sir Walter lawn will always do best when it is being well looked after. Fertiliser is a great way of keeping your lawn in good shape and it’s simple to apply and effective in all conditions. It’s crucial to fertilise regularly to keep your lawn at its healthiest to deal with changes in temperature and any other problems that nature throws at it.

when should I fertilize my lawn

Water it in…

When you scatter solid fertiliser on the lawn, it sits on the soil and the blades of grass until dissolved by rain or irrigation. This is why we always recommend that you water a fertiliser treatment in, unless you know that rain’s on the way.

As the water acts on the fertiliser it dissolves and passes into the soil where the next stage takes place. Soil micro-organisms break down the fertiliser into a form that can be used by the plants. The roots of the grass take up the nutrients through their roots and then up towards the plant’s vascular system towards the leaves.

Sunshine – the perfect energy source

This isn’t the end of the story though, because the leaf plant still has to convert the fertiliser compounds into energy. It does this by using sunshine as a form of energy to break the nutrients down into carbohydrates which it then stores back in the roots, stolons, rhizomes and crown.

By regularly fertilising your Sir Walter lawn, you’re not only helping it to grow, but you’re also providing it with the nutrient stores it will need to ride out periods of drought when sustenance isn’t as easy to come by.

According to the meteorologists, we are now entering another El Nino phase of weather, this means less rain and more sunshine. If you want your Sir Walter lawn to looks its best over the coming seasons then get it fertilised in spring.

What other times should I fertilise?

As a general rule of thumb you should fertilise during early spring (just when the weather is warming up and the frosty mornings are history), summer and autumn. Although if you live in a tropical region avoid fertilising just before and during the wet season as the nutrients could well be washed away. Also if you live in a sandy area like Perth or the Eastern seaboard, more frequent lighter applications are advised. If you need specific advice for your area you can always ask your local Sir Walter Grower (where you can also buy your fertiliser).

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