Tools of the Trade

Lawn MowersLawn Mowers

Lawn mowers come in such a variety of sizes, types, and price ranges that you should do some careful research before purchasing one. When deciding which is the best type of mower for you consider the size of your lawn, whether your lawn is flat or on a slope (a self-propelled mower will take some of the work out of this), any trees, tree roots, planter boxes that will require maneuverability and of course your budget.

Weeding brushWeeding Brush

A weeding brush can be used for easy spot weeding of foreign grasses and weeds in your Sir Walter lawn. Simply fill with Glypho & paint the foreign plant with the tip of the brush. Just be careful not to paint it on your Sir Walter though!

For more information about controlling invasive grasses watch this handy Sir Walter video.

pump action spayPump Action Sprayer

It’s handy to have a general purpose sprayer in the shed for when you’re tackling weed control.


aeration sandalsAerating Sandals and lawn aerators

Great for clay base lawns needing regular Gypsum application and to loosen high traffic & compacted areas

Hose and attachmentsHose and attachments

Possibly the most indispensible tool for the gardener – from the standard garden variety garden hose to soaker hoses which are suitable for lawns, fences, narrow garden beds and nature strips. A good sturdy hose reel is also a good idea. You don’t want to be wrestling with your hose every time to go to use it.

Measuring spoons

Accurately measure your garden fertiliser, and other lawn care products before mixing.

Sprinkler SystemSprinkler Systems

For a good soaking – which is the best way to establish your new lawn and give it the best start you can’t beat a good sprinkler or sprinkler system. Available in many different types, check out our lawn store of which type of watering system will work best for you.

Combination light and ph testerCombination Moisture, Light & pH Tester

Plants and lawns have individual light, pH and watering needs. Combination meters will enable you to make sure the position of your plants is not too sunny, or too dull, not too moist or too dry. These can be used for indoor or outdoor use.

Roller - spikes and smoothRoller – spikes and smooth

A lawn roller is most commonly used to level the ground prior to the establishment of new turf. They can establish proper drainage patterns and increase the overall look of the land. After the turf is layed, a lawn roller is useful for pushing the grass roots into the soil and removing air pockets

Rotary Turf EdgerRotary Turf Edger

Designed to keep your paths and walkways looking perfectly neat.

ph testing kitpH Testing Kit

For the best growth of plants in your garden and your lawn it is essential that the pH in your potting mix and soil is suitable for the plants that you want to grow. Keep your lawn in optimum condition with the Manutec soil pH test kit.

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