Jason Hodges Introduces the Sir Walter Spare Change Garden (video)

Jason Hodges Introduces the Sir Walter Spare Change Garden
MIFGS 2012 – Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

G’day everyone, I’m Jason Hodges and I’m at the MIFGS show, which is the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2012.

I won a gold medal which is the fourth time I’ve done it and the name of the garden is, ‘The Sir Walter Spare Change Garden’.

I used heaps of recycled materials in this garden, which I found at the council throw out or the hard rubbish, so they cost me next to nothing, but then when used in the right I’ve made a garden look an absolute million dollars.

One of the things about my garden, and I did get the gold medal and also won the Cabrametto Award which is for the best garden design, is that this garden has a sense of space.

I have 60 square metres of Sir Walter, so we’ve got 500 bucks worth of turf, but it makes the garden breath and it gives some room for everyone to enjoy the garden differently. There’s dining rooms and bars and there’s a lounge room and if those two things were on top of each other, then I might as well have built a house. But with the lawn in the middle and the change of levels it creates interest, it makes the garden look bigger and turfs actually one of the cheapest things you can put down. If I paved this whole area, or poured concrete I’d probably be paying 10 or 20 times more than laying a beautiful lawn.

The best thing about grass is that you can learn to play footy and cricket on it and when you fall over it doesn’t hurt.

Jason Hodges