Synthetic Lawn Installation and Maintenance

These instructions are provided as a guide only. Advanced techniques and customized equipment used by experienced installers provide excellent results, even on difficult sites. Installation specifications vary widely within the industry – beware of short cuts compromising quality!

It is the responsibility of the owners of Lady Jane to read and adhere to the Maintenance Guidelines. Failure to do so may affect the product warranty. You can download the Maintenance Guides from the bottom of this page.

This covers all areas which are for the lawn, landscaping, children’s safety areas, pool surrounds, road sides, roundabouts and many other applications.

Where Lady Jane Synthetic Turf is used and has a close interaction with the end-user (interactive surfaces) it needs to be maintained on a regular basis in order for it to provide the best possible appearance/ performance characteristics and product lifespan.

However other products, which are installed in large landscaping areas (non interactive surfaces) require much less regular maintenance, however some maintenance must be carried out.

There are some perceptions that artificial surfaces are maintenance-free, as opposed to natural turf surfaces, which require intensive maintenance.

The reality is that artificial surfaces require less maintenance than natural surfaces.

The guide outlines the important parts of maintaining the installation in good condition.

A crucial tip for maintaining the surface is to do a little often, rather than neglecting maintenance procedures for months and then facing large expenses to restore the surface to its optimum conditions. Neglecting to maintain the surface will affect the warranty.

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