Spring Lawn Care

Spring is the time when you should fertilise your lawn. This will help speed up new growth and help to establish strong roots for the hotter summer months.

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When and why should I scarify my lawn?

Spongy lawn? Time for some dethatching…

If you are experiencing any “sponginess” in your lawn, this is due to a build up of thatch. To alleviate this, give your lawn a good haircut right back to the runners. You may need to mow it a couple of times to achieve this. Once this is done, fertilise and water it well, to promote speedy regrowth. It is also a good time to top dress your lawn if you wish to reduce any unevenness in the ground surface. Mow and fertilise your lawn first and then top dress with coarse river sand, remembering not to cover the entire leaf tip to allow the grass to grow through.

Dethatching / Scarifying your Lawn

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