Sir Walter Spare Change Garden Created by Jason Hodges (video)

Sir Walter Spare Change Garden Created by Jason Hodges
Gold Medal Winning ‘Sir Walter Spare Change’ Garden – MIFGS 2012

Now this is my 2012 MIFGS Garden. We won the gold medal and we also won the best garden design award, the Calmetto Award.

My garden is a little bit different to most of the show gardens this year, because I put a lawn in it!

It’s not rocket science, grass gives your garden plenty of space and lots of places to entertain on when you’ve got more than just half a dozen people to spill out onto your lawn.

When you think about it, lawn’s one of the cheapest things you can put into the garden. This Sir Walter, which is the best grass you can buy – $500 and I’ve got all of this. If it was pavers or concrete I would be spending 10 or 20 times the amount of money.

The best thing about this is you can use it for a heap of different things – you can’t wash your car on a hard surface any more, but you can on the lawn. You can teach your kids to play a bit of footy and play a bit of cricket…

Jason Hodges


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