Long Term Watering

Long Term WateringOne thing all the experts agree on is that less frequent, deeper watering is the way to go, rather than regular shallow watering. The same theory applies to the plants in your garden.

By watering less frequently but for longer you get the water deep down into the soil which encourages a stronger and deeper root system that is better equipped to deal with dry periods. This takes a little bit of lawn training and for newly established lawns should be done gradually.

Early in the morning or late afternoon/early evening are the best times to water to avoid water loss through evaporation.

It is important to know how much water you are putting on your lawn to ensure you give it enough to fill the soil profile sufficiently, but also don’t waste water by watering for too long.

As a rough rule of thumb you should give your lawn about 20-30mm of water for sandy soils, and 40-70mm for loams and clay soils. This should be enough to soak the top 300mm or so which is the main root zone.

Over watering is a complete waste and should be avoided.
It’s not good for your lawn, your hip pocket or the environment.

Long term watering


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