Lawn installation & laying

Lawn installation and layingSome handy tips from Sir Walter on lawn installation. Let us guide you on laying the perfect Aussie lawn from ground preparation, watering and fertilising to how to lay each piece of Turf, we guide you through the process.


The most important thing to remember when laying new turf is, GREEN SIDE UP, BROWN SIDE DOWN!  In my experience, this, and Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo always give the best results.


It is best to have your turf delivered on the day you intend to lay it, so be sure to have all your preparation done beforehand. Ring your Sir Walter turf supplier a few days before to place your order.

Once cut from the farm, the turf is under stress and will easily dry out, so the sooner it is laid and watered the better.LAYING

Start laying at the bottom of sloped areas and use full rolls or slabs around all edges. Stagger the joints, a bit like brick work, so they don’t line up. This prevents drying out and soil erosion caused by heavy rain on sloping ground. If the joints all line up, rain can build up like a small river taking the soil with it.

•    Butt the turf closely together avoiding gaps that will dry out, look ordinary and cause an uneven surface. DON’T RUSH!

•    Avoid using small pieces, these will dry out quickly.

•    Do not stretch the turf.

•    Cut the turf with a sharp knife or hedging shears.

•    Try not to walk on or wheel a barrow over newly laid turf as this can damage the root system and cause undulations in the soil. If necessary, use timber planks or plywood sheets for protection and spreading of the load.

•    Water your lawn as soon as it is laid. For large areas, especially on hot days, get someone to start watering or set up a sprinkler whilst the remainder of the laying takes place.

Roll the lawn once you have watered to ensure root contact with the soil.

A graphical guide to installing your new turf

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