How to stop your Sir Walter Lawn going to seed (video)

Sir Walter Seed Heads

A lot of the Sir Walter growers get people ringing them up asking them, “Why has my Sir Walter lawn gone to seed?”

Now this is an excellent question, and it is part of your lawn’s survival mechanism in response to change, say sudden hot weather or lots of rain.

Now if your lawn is only going to seed during these sudden changes then you have nothing to worry about.  But if your lawn is constantly in seed then you probably have some issues with your soil and you need to take some remedial action such as fertilising and top dressing to really beef up that lawn again.

On this video out at the Turf farm you can see a really good example of this with two sections side by side.  The first section has recently been fertilised and it is beautiful, lush and green. The second section is exactly the same lawn but hasn’t been fertilised, it is a lighter colour and has gone to seed.

You get some good fertiliser on the second section and it will be lush and green and seedless just like the Sir Walter next door.

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