Get your Lawn Ready for Winter

Winter Lawn CareEven though your lawn may look nice and green following a wet summer, the chances are it’s not as healthy as it looks and not ready for the winter period. All that water will have most likely leached the nutrients from the soil just where your lawn needs them most – at the root base. These nutrients need to be replaced prior to winter.

Don’t forget to fertilise in autumn as this is an important time to give your lawn the nutrition it needs to survive the cold winter months.

Easter is the perfect time to boost your lawn’s nutrient levels to keep it green and healthy over the winter period. The weather is beginning to cool off and you need to get your lawn ready to deal with the colder months ahead. Applying fertiliser in the autumn is one of the most important feeds your lawn will get all year. Lawns going into winter in a hungry state don’t generally wear that well and will lose colour rapidly. A hungry lawn also tends to be an easier target for invading weeds and grasses.

Fertilising your lawn in autumn is best done using a high quality granular slow-release lawn food such as Sir Walter Lawn Fertiliser – perfect fertiliser for all lawn types. Fertilising at full label rates is recommended this time of year. A 10kg bucket of Sir Walter Lawn food is enough to cover 400/500 m2 so ample fertiliser to treat an average sized lawn two or three times. If daytime temperatures consistently remain above 13c for four to six weeks after your initial autumn application you would be advised to apply a second application at half the label rates.

Remember always water the fertiliser well into the root base!

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