Get rid of those lawn weeds – broad leaf spray

Broad Leaf SprayWinter is an excellent time to focus on getting any invaders under control whether they are weeds or pests. In the cooler months of June and July, warm season turf like Sir Walter fall into a dormant state, while broad leaf weeds continue to grow and become more obvious. This means that it is the perfect time to nip them in the bud (so to speak) by taking some serious action. By taking care of these pesky tasks now, you will have a greener lawn that will be ready to spring back into full health as soon as the warmer months hit.

Buffalo Weed ControlIf there are only a few problem weeds that need to be removed from your turf, then manual removal of them, pulling the roots along with the main plant, is an option. However, Lawn Lovers new Buffalo Weed Control has been specially designed by to be safely used on buffalo lawns, so it is perfect for dealing with an eruption of weeds. As with all lawn care products, read the instructions for safe application carefully before use.

For more information on taking care of broad leaf weed problems, view the Sir Walter video about controlling lawn weeds.

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