Top Dressing; When and Why?

Applying a top dressing to your lawn is appropriate when it needs a boost of nutrients, is uneven or contains holes. You should undertake top dressing to repair holes or uneven lawn just prior to the growing season, usually the beginning of Spring; not when the lawn plants are in their dormant phase or you run the risk of damaging or even killing the lawn entirely. Top dressing for nutrients can be applied at any time. Do not top dress on an ann… Continue reading

A lawn that repairs itself when damaged or abused!

Sir Walter turf has been specifically cultivated for the unique but tough Australian environment and climate. This hardy lawn variety has been developed to be drought tolerant and self repairing, which means any patches of discolouration or poor growth will re-establish on their own. Which means less time concentrating on fertilising and lawn repair, plus you benefit from a healthier environment with fewer herbicides chocking up your lawn. Knowi… Continue reading

Autumn Lawn Care

…in other lawns they have been known to eat the lot!  Treat them straight away to minimise their damage.  If you do experience an infestation, be sure to fertilise straight away, as you’ll need your lawn strong and healthy to repair itself before winter.  This will avoid encouraging weeds and other nasties into the barer patches. Lawn compaction is also a problem to look out for over winter, particularly if you’ve experienced some high rainfall r… Continue reading

Lime & Gypsum (video)

…k and forth. Broadcast the required amount of lime over the area and water it into the soil. Now sometimes you lawn will get damaged from general wear and tear from pets or high traffic and even cold weather. Gypsum will help repair these areas. Now always read the instructions on the bag buy as a general rule for light clay soils you need to apply 1 kg per square metre and for heavy clay soils you double it to 2 kg  per square metre.  And rememb… Continue reading

How to treat grub attacks

…e you are already tending to your new lawn by watering to aid establishment watch for attack. Lawn grub moths can travel up to 5kms to lay eggs in your new additional to your home and lifestyle. While the lawn may look beyond repair after a lawn grub attack, the roots of the turf are largely unharmed; an application of fast acting fertiliser will get your lawn a boost for quick regrowth…. Continue reading